From the Desk of Dracula


“Last night the Count asked me in the suavest tones to write three letters." Bram Stoker


Loyalty is worth its weight in silver. As the end of October approaches, we’ve been abstaining from garlic and covering the mirrors in anticipation of a visit from one of our longest living customers. He’s a man of exquisite - albeit slightly unusual - taste, and after we helped him set the table for his Halloween soiree last year (he was having guests for dinner), he’s returned from the old country for some new heirlooms that will brighten up his study (but not too bright).


When it comes to seduction through the written word, an email just won’t cut it, especially if your sleeping pattern is a little skewiff and you find yourself otherwise engaged during traditional working hours. The art of romance may be fading, but there’s something to be said for the charm of a good old fashioned letter - and no gentleman’s desk is complete without a letter opener that’s as sharp as your outfit. Made with traditional craftsmanship techniques and technology that’s about as cutting edge as it gets, our Albany Letter Opener fits the bill, capturing the beauty of the highly endangered South African Albany viper in sterling silver with black patination. Because - say it with us - fangs are decidedly chic.

And what’s a private study without a handsome bar set, to allow you to cross the room and slowly arrange yourself a drink - a nice glass of red is preferred, but there’s something to be said for a nicely aged whisky. The Paragon Bar Set comprises two superbly weighty hand-cut crystal tumblers with a solid crystal decanter to match - and the sterling silver topper, made and hallmarked in London brings a touch of charm and sophistication to a long-anticipated and well-earned drink. After all, a certain somebody is known for getting terribly thirsty. 

What’s a study without a shelf full of books? And when you have time to kill (perhaps you’ve been cursed with centuries of it), there’s nothing better than a good book to help the oceans of time roll by. Perhaps we’re biased, but we think the Grant Macdonald International Silversmith Book is more than worthy of a spot on the shelf - and once you’ve read it, the book is large enough to be used as a handle for a secret doorway hidden behind a bookshelf that leads down into a subterranean lair. If you have council’s permission for that sort of thing. 


Check out our full collection of gifts and homeware and find new ways to decorate your study in style this autumn.

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