The ceremonial life of the City’s civic institutions are steeped in centuries-old traditions and celebrations, characterised by tableware and regalia. Grant Macdonald London has enjoyed a long association with the City of London’s Livery Companies since the 1960s, with a proud history of crafting ceremonial maces, Sheriff's badges, chains of office, brooches, lecterns, candlesticks and loving cups.





These important symbols of London’s historic Livery Companies guilds take centre stage at many events, and require the full range of traditional master craftsman skills in our workshop.




‘The wonderful thing about these commissions is incorporating key symbols and elements that are so important to the wearer into the design so that each one is unique.  I have always worked on the premise that the degree of effort you put in at the design stage the better the work will come out in the end. The design process can involve a lot of painstaking yet enjoyable research and the result has to be absolutely perfect.’  Grant Macdonald

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