Hosting For Halloween


“Once again...welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.” Bram Stoker


At Grant Macdonald, we value the loyalty of our customers, and are flattered by those who are so pleased with our work that they keep coming back for more - and there’s one client in particular who’s been visiting our workshop for what feels like centuries. As we approach the end of October, we thought we’d extend an invitation to one of our longest standing customers, and unveil his enduring taste for the fine craftsmanship we have on offer.



When you’re establishing a reputation of charm and sophistication, the devil’s in the details, and our client knows a thing or two about looking sharp. The Grant Macdonald cufflinks are made from sterling silver, pairing the latest technology with traditional techniques. We designed the Lazzarus cufflinks to allow a coloured cuff to show through, ensuring a handsome match for any outfit. A modern take on a classic, these cufflinks look striking at the wrists of a tuxedo - with or without the dramatic black cape.


They say you eat with your eyes, and there’s nothing quite like candlelight when you’re having guests for dinner. For an elegant atmosphere, our client appreciates the strikingly modern designs of our classic silver and 24ct gold plate candlesticks, hand-made in our London workshop. The ingenious lattice design makes use of cutting-edge silversmithing techniques, and provides an unmatchable grip for tip-toeing up shadowy staircases.


A hard night’s work can really stir up an unquenchable thirst. Our client was on the hunt for some elegant glassware, and the  glasses from our Paragon collection seemed to fit the bill. Hand blown and engraved in Somerset by skilled craftspeople, 24% lead oxide is added to our Paragon crystal, ensuring a little extra sparkle. The glass is blown into our own mould and then cut and polished by hand before being frosted to minimise undesirable reflections.


Make a commitment to hosting in style this autumn with the Paragon collection, available on our website.

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