Grant Macdonald London | Lioness



“A lioness has got a lot more power than the lion likes to think she has.’ - Jacki Weaver

It’s time to welcome a new member of our Tusk silver family. Our silversmiths have been working diligently in our workshop to add the finishing touches to our latest work of art designed in collaboration with the conservation charity - and we’re ready to introduce our new animal with pride.



The development of our Okavango Lioness and Cub came at the perfect time, as the preparations for the Tusk Lion Trail are underway. Around the world, from 10th August until the end of September, life-size lion sculptures created by internationally recognised faces will roam the streets highlighting the threats currently faced by this noble animal, and raising funds to support communities impacted by Covid-19 across Africa.

Due to the growing human population and habitat loss, lions now occupy less than 8% of their historic range. They are killed in retaliation for loss of livestock or human life, and while these majestic beasts were once found across the entire continent, they are now confined to East and Southern Africa. Well-managed protected areas are vital for lion survival, and as well as protecting their strongholds in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Tusk is investing in a number of initiatives working with local communities to change attitudes towards lions and to help them protect their livestock.



We’re dedicated to supporting Tusk so they can keep supporting innovative projects across Africa, as part of their mission to enable local African community leadership and conserve endangered habitats and species. If you’re interested in the valuable work Tusk are doing, please visit their website to learn more about their mission in Uganda and across Africa. You can help support their work by purchasing one of our limited edition silver models from the Tusk collection.

This particular piece is an edition of just 3 pieces and available to purchase here.

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