World Lion & Elephant Days 2023


“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall all be saved.” Jane Goodall

World Lion Day and World Elephant Day, celebrated on August 10th and 12th respectively, are important reminders of the plight of two of Africa’s most iconic animals. Both are facing significant threats to their survival, with habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict among the biggest challenges ahead of them. Thankfully, there are several organisations and charities working together to protect these animals and their habitats, and the team here at Grant Macdonald London have aligned ourselves with one of them - Tusk.

Tusk is a conservation charity supported by HRH  The Prince of Wales, that has been working to protect Africa’s wildlife and habitats for over 30 years, supporting a range of initiatives including anti-poaching efforts, community education programs, and the establishment of protected areas. Tusk supports a range of research and monitoring initiatives, helping to inform conservation efforts and ensure that interventions are based on the best available science. 

The African Lion is classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, with a population decline of over 40% in the last three decades. The biggest threat to lions is habitat loss, with human populations expanding and encroaching on their natural habitats. Worse, lions are often the targets of poachers looking to make money from their body parts, and farmers in retaliation for attacking livestock.

One of Tusk’s key projects is the Lion Recovery Fund, protecting and restoring lion populations across Africa, and Tusk has been helping Conservation South Luangwa to increase anti-poaching and animal trafficking prevention in Zambia. Support is needed to continue this vital work and protect this habitat, and this inspired our craftsmen to design and produce a limited number of sterling silver lions, finely chased with details that really bring each miniature masterpiece to life.

Elephants are also facing significant threats, with a population decline of around 30% in the last seven decades. Like lions, these beautiful giants are often targeted for their body parts - in particular, ivory, which is highly valuable on the black market. Tusk has been stepping in to help protect elephant populations and their habitats across Africa. 

One of Tusk’s key projects is the Tsavo Conservation Area in Kenya, home to one of the largest elephant populations in the world. The charity is working with local communities and conservation partners to provide education and employment opportunities in the hope that this will help to reduce human-elephant conflict.

Grant Macdonald London are proud to support their work, which is why with each purchase of our Chyulu Elephant - or any animal from our Tusk collection of miniatures and cufflinks - we’ll donate 20% from the sale to Tusk to support their vitally important conservation work.


To learn more about Tusk and the work they’re doing to advance conservation across Africa, visit their website. To explore our full menagerie of animals and cufflinks, you can go exploring through our Collection.

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