World Lion & Elephant Day


"We admire elephants in part because they demonstrate what we consider the finest human traits: empathy, self-awareness, and social intelligence. But the way we treat them puts on display the very worst of human behaviour." Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair


Everybody in the team here at Grant Macdonald is proud to support TUSK in continuing their efforts to initiate and fund conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa, something they have been doing for twenty five years. This dynamic and pioneering organisation has directly inspired our TUSK collection of lovingly handcrafted animals, with a percentage of every sale being donated to TUSK to support their work.

This week, the world will celebrate some of the animals our craftsmen have created, as we approach World Lion Day on the 10th August and World Elephant Day following close behind on the 12th. These days have been set aside to raise awareness for the plight of these majestic but endangered creatures.


There are numerous special events taking place across the world, raising awareness for Lions and Elephants - and if you’d like to get your hands on something special that will help you mark the occasion, take a look through the menagerie of our TUSK collection today.

Our lion is named after South Luangwa in Zambia, where widespread poaching of big game has put lions under threat. TUSK helps Conservation South Luangwa in efforts to increase anti-poaching solutions, but support is needed to continue the vital work they do. The limited edition of 100 hand engraved lions was recently joined by a miniature collection, also hand-engraved in hallmarked sterling silver.


Gourma is our small but magnificent sub-desert elephant, named after an area in Mali where a unique population of 550 beautiful elephants live. TUSK works to support the Mali Elephant Project, bringing the community together to train and mobilise an anti-poaching unit in order to keep the fragile elephant population safe - without their efforts, it’s estimated that the entire population would have been wiped out by 2021. 


Our TUSK collection features animals made from sterling silver with detailing designed to bring these small masterpieces to life. 20% from the sale of each piece is donated to TUSK in support of their conservation work.

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