World Art Day


It’s important to take time, every now and then, to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. Each year, on April 15th, we’re encouraged to do precisely that - as World Art Day creates an opportunity to enjoy the experience of appreciating art, sharing knowledge and sparking curiosity.

The first celebration was in 2012, selecting April 15th as the date in honour of Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday. The first World Art Day was supported by all of the International Association of Art’s national committees, with 150 artists from all over the world participating in conferences, art exhibitions, sculptures and special museum hours. Over a decade later, it’s still going strong.

Luckily, we spend much of the year appreciating art in all its forms. Our designers use a combination of pencil, paper and digital software to conjure up bespoke concepts for clients seeking something special, and then transform each creation into a digital model which can be printed out using our 3D printers. This sculpture forms our mould, allowing our silversmiths to bring unique and complex silver structures into the workshop, opening the doors of creativity to ideas that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

In the workshop, our team of expert craftsmen use a combination of traditional techniques handed down from previous generations of artisans, and cutting-edge technology allowing for the most minute adjustments, to bring the design team’s ideas to life in stunning detail. Creating art is one of the tenets of World Art Day - and in the Grant Macdonald London workshop, we’re lucky enough to do that every day.

If you’re not inclined towards creating art, the next best thing is to appreciate it. On April 15th, you’re encouraged to visit art museums if you can, to enjoy looking at the creative excellence on display. We’re spoiled for choice in London, but if a museum isn’t on the cards for you, we recommend bringing a little beauty into your home -  that way you can appreciate something incredible every time you walk through your house.

Art is subjective, so it’s not for us to decide what you think is beautiful - but we can point you towards the collections on our website, where you’ll find everything from the highest calibre of homeware to cufflinks that are guaranteed to draw admiring glances. Perhaps you have something in mind already, and you’re looking for talented artisans to bring your ideas to life. Our workshop is perfectly set up to help, guiding you through the process from design to finished objet d’art - take a look through our commissions to get an idea of the sort of thing we can achieve together.

This World Art Day, we’re fully in support of bringing fine art into your daily life, and our workshop is poised to help you make that happen.


Celebrate World Art Day this year by bringing a touch of beauty into your life through the homeware and accessories available on our online shop.

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