Werewolves Don't Like Silver



“I think American Werewolf in London is the greatest werewolf movie of all time.” David Hayter

Silver isn’t for everybody. For some, building your look around something gold - a ring, a necklace, a pair of startlingly yellow eyes that reflect the light of the full moon - is the best way to pull together an outfit that dazzles. One of our newest clients is no exception. When he flew across the pond to pay a visit to our London workshop, we made sure to tidy away the silver, and only present him with that which glitters. Luckily, we have rather a lot to offer on that front.

Our client understands better than most the plight that faces the world’s beasts. When we pulled out our drawer of Tusk Cufflinks, he was particularly taken with the Luangwa Lion designs, hallmarked by the London Assay Office  and carefully hand-chased using traditional silversmithing techniques passed down through the generations.

Although this collection of animal cufflinks is made from solid sterling silver, this handsome pair has been finished with 24ct gold plate, so you’ll cut a splendid figure at your next formal event, or over a pint at your local - we’ve heard The Slaughtered Lamb is worth a visit this time of year. 

It’s so easy to misplace your things when you’re prone to bursting out of your clothes whenever the clouds decide to ominously part at the worst possible time. Even when you take the time to neatly fold and hide them beneath the roots of a tree, losing your keys is just a part of life. 

Our advice? Keep them safe with one of our elegant sphere keyrings, available in sterling silver with 24ct yellow gold or 24ct rose gold plating. This clever design wouldn’t have been possible a decade ago, but thanks to the cutting-edge technology available at our workshop, we were able to send our client off for a romp in the woods, safe in the knowledge that he’d be coming back to find his essentials exactly where he left them.

Nothing works up a thirst like rampaging through the London Underground and waking up on the floor of a wolf enclosure at London Zoo with no recollection of what happened. In situations like those, we wouldn’t blame you for reaching for a glass of something stiff, but we would recommend that you do it in style with this pair of tumblers from our Paragon collection. Hand-blown and engraved in Somerset by skilled craftspeople, our crystal is glass with 24% lead oxide added to give it a high refractive index - so it’ll give you that extra sparkle when it catches the light of the full moon.


Check out our full collection of gifts and homeware and find new ways to avoid silver at all costs this autumn.

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