UK Coffee Week



“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.” T. S. Eliot


We’re halfway through UK Coffee Week 2021, and we’re several cups down already. The connection between this warming pick-me-up and a silversmith might not be immediately apparent, but coffee has a special place in our team’s hearts.

Having first visited the Middle East in 1976, Grant Macdonald has been creating gold and silver gifts for the region ever since. From swords to incense burners, tableware to cake stands, the appetite for our workmen’s craft is ceaseless - and coffee pots are a firm favourite. Perhaps it’s because hospitality is as important today as it was when the Bedouin roamed the desert, but patterned coffee pots, hand-chased in sterling silver, became one of our specialties.



So, when it came to designing a coffee set for our Paragon collection, our craftsmen were starting with a solid foundation. To create the elegant cups, we use the finest bone china, handmade in the historic home of British pottery, Stoke-on-Trent. Each cup is then hand-painted with 24 ct gold, before hand-applied finishing touches are added to the product, resulting in a modern classic that will fit effortlessly into any setting.

Drinking coffee can be a decadent treat if you establish the right routine, but that decadence can come at a cost. UK Coffee Week seeks to give back to the coffee-growing communities behind our espressos, providing access to clean drinking water by donating from every cup or bag of coffee sold at participating hospitality venues across the country. Project Waterfall invests in sustainable projects, bringing a source of clean drinking water, sanitation and education to the coffee-growing communities who need them most. 



There are only a couple of days left of this year’s UK Coffee Week, but you still have time to head to one of the participating venues, grab a bag of coffee and change lives. Bring home the beans and enjoy a sophisticated coffee break at home when you use the Paragon coffee set, available on request from our website.


Investing in sustainable projects that bring drinking clean water, sanitation, and education to coffee-growing communities across the globe, Project Waterfall works with trusted delivery partners who have the knowledge and expertise to find the best solutions. Visit

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