Tusk: Year of the Lion

Meet Ruaha, designed and crafted for Tusk, who along with his little brother Luangwa, is helping this innovative conservation charity make 2019 the Year of the Lion. This year, Tusk has initiated multiple programmes to raise awareness, combat poaching and reduce the habitat loss that is driving the lion, the iconic King of Beasts, towards extinction.

Lions have been celebrated and revered throughout history for their courage and strength. Once roaming most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe, now only around 20,000 remain and three-quarters of African lion populations are in decline. Reduced to living on only 8% of the land they once occupied due to habitat loss and fragmentation, lions are also under threat from bushmeat hunting and an increasing illegal trade in lion parts. Tusk’s Year of the Lion is an initiative to shine a light on one of the world’s most charismatic animals and profile the work of some incredible conservation organisations working for a brighter future for the species.

At Grant Macdonald, we’re very proud to be supporting Tusk with our range of sterling silver miniatures, donating 20% of the sale price of each one to support the work of Tusk’s partners as they work closely with local communities to protect this important apex predator. Each Luangwa is crafted in our workshop, designed with peerless attention to detail, from the claws to the hand-chased mane and swinging tail. Designed for collectors, these limited editions come in two sizes, and are accessible for everyone who wants to support Tusk’s work.

Luangwa joins Kunene the black rhino, and Chyulu & Gourma the African elephants, all of which also support Tusk as medium-sized and miniature collectable silver sculptures. And for those specialist collectors and corporate sponsors who wish to make a sizeable donation and acquire a large size sculpture for their boardroom, or a breathtaking centrepiece for their homes, our master craftsmen would be delighted to create large, visually arresting, one of a kind objet d’art like Ruaha. (Ruaha is a one of a kind, unique piece sold with a certificate of authenticity, but if he inspires you we can explore more one-off bespoke pieces that have that same spirit.)

So join us in celebrating Tusk’s Year of the Lion, and support this important charity as they fight to preserve this magnificent beast for generations to come, and treat yourself in the here and now with a beautiful silver beast.

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