TUSK x The London Marathon


Moving through London, weaving between the city’s most iconic landmarks, the London Marathon is a testament to human endurance. This year, the Grant Macdonald London Team will be standing in support of the dedicated team running under TUSK’s banner, raising money to protect African wildlife.

The London Marathon provides an excellent stage for TUSK to raise awareness and funds for conservation. In 2023, TUSK’s team of 30 runners raised a remarkable £68,700, setting a high bar for the 2024 team, which has grown to 47 runners.

Grant Macdonald London has long championed the cause of conservation and community development across Africa, thanks to our partnership with TUSK, and the development of our TUSK collection, a line of silverware inspired by African wildlife. We pledge to donate 20% of each sale to support TUSK’s conservation efforts. Learn more about the story behind each of our TUSK animals, and the work TUSK are doing to support their conservation across Africa.

Luangwa Medium Lion

Globally, lions are endangered due to rampant poaching. Our lion piece is inspired by South Luangwa in Zambia, a region heavily impacted by big game poaching. Thanks to funding from TUSK, Conservation South Luangwa has been able to enhance its efforts in combating poaching and preventing wildlife trafficking. Continued support is crucial for the sustenance of these efforts and the preservation of this biodiversity hotspot.

Punu Rii | Rothschild’s Giraffe

The 'Punu Rii', named in honour of a Ugandan city near one of the remaining habitats for the Rothschild’s giraffe, is meticulously crafted from sterling silver and adorned with a 24 carat gold plate. Its detailed, hand-painted lacquer 'spots' breathe life into this exquisite piece. The Rothschild’s giraffe, distinguished as the most critically endangered giraffe species globally, faces a dire situation with fewer than 2,500 individuals remaining. Facing threats from both habitat loss and poaching, TUSK's efforts have been pivotal in reintroducing these majestic animals to their historical ranges in Kenya. Additionally, TUSK is dedicated to revitalising the natural landscapes and wildlife populations in Murchison Falls National Park, a crucial sanctuary for nearly 900 Rothschild’s giraffes.

Albany Snake Letter Opener

The Albany letter opener elegantly embodies the rare allure of the critically endangered South African Albany viper. Crafted through a blend of advanced technology and time-honoured artisanship, this chic desk accessory stands as a testament to both innovation and tradition. It bears the prestigious hallmark of the London Assay Office and comes encased in a stunning gift box, making it an ideal presentation for any occasion.

Gourma Elephant Cufflinks

Elephants worldwide are endangered by poaching. Our elephant cufflinks, named "Gourma," pay tribute to a distinct group of 550 sub-desert elephants residing in Mali's Gourma region. Predictions in 2017 suggested that without a reduction in poaching, this entire population could face extinction by 2021. TUSK aids the Mali Elephant Project, which unites the community and has established and deployed an anti-poaching brigade to safeguard these elephants' migratory paths. The continuation of this effort is essential for the protection of this vulnerable elephant community.


The collaboration between Grant Macdonald London and Tusk represents a unique blend of  luxury craftsmanship and environmental stewardship. As the London Marathon 2024 approaches, we invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey, whether you’re supporting the TUSK team of runners through a donation, or by purchasing one of the limited edition items from our TUSK collection.

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