TUSK Miniatures


“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens


If you’re looking for something special to gift to a loved one this year, but you want to make sure it’ll have more of an impact than your average gift purchase, our craftsmen have been working hard, as usual, for a few months now - and their hard work has paid off, just in time for Christmas.

Those who’ve followed our relationship with the conservation charity TUSK will know that for the last few years we’ve been raising funds to support their incredible work through the creation of our special series of animals, each carefully designed to capture the magnificence of these beautiful creatures through hand-crafted detail and the highest quality materials. 

To celebrate the arrival of the festive season, we’ve decided to create our own answer to the traditional stocking stuffer - and although they’ll look fabulous sitting above a fireplace, you might want to present these masterpieces with a little more pomp and a little less clementine.


To draw attention to the threat of poaching that Lions across the world still face, we named our Lion after South Luangwa in Zambia, which is impacted by widespread poaching of big game. Funding from TUSK helps Conservation South Luangwa to increase anti-poaching and animal traffic prevention. This limited edition collection of hand engraved miniature Luangwa Lions are just 4cm long and rendered in sterling silver or 24ct gold.


We have named our rhino after the Kunene area in Namibia, home to a long running black rhino project, with TUSK working to keep these precious animals safe. Made from solid sterling silver, it’s the finely chased details in our miniature collection of Kunene Rhinos that really brings them to life.



For over twenty five years, Tusk has been initiating and funding conservation work, including the support of the Mali Elephant Project. This organisation brings the community together, training and mobilising an anti-poaching unit to protect migration routes for sub-desert elephants. Gourma is the name we chose for our rendering of this unique population of elephants, and whilst there are only 550 of these incredible creatures in nature, our limited collection is even fewer, with just 100 available for purchase. 


Discover the full collection of miniature TUSK masterpieces, and help support the ongoing efforts of this incredible charity, with 20% from the sale of each piece going to Tusk to support their vitally important conservation work.

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