TUSK Ball 2022


"Despite facing some of the greatest challenges to international conservation in history TUSK continues to be a shining light in what are tragically dark times for Africa’s wildlife.' HRH The Duke of Cambridge KG, KT

On the 19th May, the Natural History Museum in London will host a fabulous evening to raise awareness of the incredible work being done by conservation charity, TUSK. Sponsored by ISPS Handa, the evening is set to be a glittering affair, including a champagne reception dinner and entertainment from a headline act.

The TUSK Ball helps raise funds necessary to bolster the impact of the partners working across Africa to ensure conservation work is possible as the challenges facing people and wildlife in Africa become greater than ever. With species disappearing at a rate that has climbed up to 10,000 times faster than the natural extinction rate, the human population continues to grow and consume. Through poaching, illegal wildlife trade, human-wildlife conflict and habitat loss, the huge array of species found in Africa’s diverse ecosystem is under threat. 

TUSK works with project partners in order to find solutions that are sustainable, preserving critical habitats, protecting endangered species and combating the illegal wildlife trade. Through 50 projects in 20 countries, TUSK helps to empower local communities and promote environmental education to give future generations a roadmap they will be able to follow for years to come.

TUSK’s projects are protecting more than 40 threatened species, and the habitats they need to thrive. In addition to the rhino, lion, cheetah and chimpanzee, TUSK’s support plays a vital role in the survival of the eastern lowland and mountain gorillas, hawksbill turtle and Grevy’s zebra, and many more. By supporting TUSK, we are providing greater protection for flagship species that will help secure the landscapes in which they can be found, protecting other wildlife at the same time.

At Grant Macdonald, we’ve been supporting TUSK’s work for years now, and this year we’re putting forward something special for the Live and Silent Auction that will take place in the Hintze Hall on the 19th May. 

Our one-of-a-kind TUSK elephant was created using british craftsmanship techniques and state-of-the-art technology especially for the TUSK Ball 2022. Made from sterling silver with hand-crafted details that bring this magnificent creature to life, this piece draws attention to the threat that elephants across the world currently face as a result of ivory poaching. TUSK helps the Big Life Foundation in their efforts to monitor and counteract poaching, and the organisation has led to a dramatic decline in poaching since 2010.

More support is necessary for TUSK’s crucial work to continue to reach the wildlife that needs to be protected in order to ensure future generations can marvel at these beautiful creatures in the same way we do.


For further details about the TUSK Ball, contact Hannah Pugh at info@tusk.com

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