The Royal Warrant


“I find myself born into this particular position. I'm determined to make the most of it and to do whatever I can to help. And I hope I leave things behind a little bit better than I found them.” HRH Charles III


As we gather to celebrate the coronation of HRH Charles III, everyone here in the Grant Macdonald London workshop is excited to move into a new chapter of British history, having received a high honour from his Majesty when he granted us a Royal Warrant of Appointment.

Once we received a Royal Warrant, we were permitted to use the Royal Arms in connection with our business, as a mark of recognition for the goods we have supplied to the Royal Household. Much like the craftsmanship at the heart of what we do, this mark of honour can be traced back to mediaeval times, when the Monarch had the pick of the best tradespeople as they competed for Royal favour. By the time the 15th century arrived, the head of the Royal Household, the Lord Chamberlain, formally appointed the most talented tradespeople with a Royal Warrant of Appointment.

Today, there are only 800 holders of Royal Warrants of Appointment across an enormous cross-section of trade and industry, so we are very proud and grateful to be one of the lucky few who are committed to the highest standards of service, quality, excellence and craftsmanship.

We were granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment for recognising the true beauty in precious materials, with uncompromising craftsmanship that rallies against mass production, celebrating the tradition of great British silversmithing, fusing the centuries-old techniques with cutting edge technology to create pieces that simply would not have been possible a few short decades ago. 

The work that leaves our South London workshop includes objet d’art, clocks and tableware, badges of office, ceremonial swords and corporate gifting. Our archives are extensive and exquisite - so whether you’re looking for a bold artistic statement, a classical masterwork, a beautiful set of fine bone china, or something bespoke, our in-house team are perfectly positioned to conjure up precisely what you’re looking for, with a commitment to the highest standards, second to none.

Our designers are adept at lifting ideas from your imagination and transforming them into remarkable physical objects, using the talents passed down from previous generations, and new technology that will carry us into the future. When you work with us, we will ensure we deliver something remarkable.


If you would like to discuss a bespoke commission, reach out to the team in our London workshop by giving us a call on +44 (0) 20 7633 0278 or emailing us at

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