The Paragon Bar Set


- A model of excellence -
 Collins Dictionary

As summer draws to a close and nights grow longer and cooler, we’re looking forward to alternative ways of warming up - and one of our favourite methods comes poured over ice in an elegant glass. 



There’s a noble tradition of enjoying a stiff drink at the end of a long week. The home bar’s popularity first sky-rocketed in the 1950s, when the trend of transferring luxurious tipples to elegant glassware displayed proudly at home became a sophisticated symbol of affluence. A few decades later, the bar set boom settled down as people turned to pubs and nightclubs to polish off their week and begin a weekend of merriment. Still, fashion is circular, and over the last few years - thanks to a combination of factors, many of us are keen to enjoy a quiet drink in the comfort of our own home once more.  

The thing about a good drink is that it tastes even better when it’s prepared and served in style, which is why our craftsmen have designed an exquisite bar set, consisting of two superb hand-cut crystal tumblers with a reassuring weightiness, tailor-made to flank our solid, tastefully embellished crystal decanter.



The crown of the Paragon Bar Set is the silver stopper that nests within this decanter. Each stopper is created with a combination of the finest traditional silversmithing craftsmanship, and the latest technology, resulting in a truly incredible design that’s as fashionable as it is functional. Our sterling silver is hallmarked in London, and all of our crystal is hand-blown and cut by craftsmen based here in the UK, using long-established methods to produce the finest results. 


With more people than ever opting to stay in for the night rather than hitting the town, entertaining at home calls for bar accessories you’ll love using every time you pour yourself a drink. Our Paragon Bar Set is a pleasure to interact with, ensuring your favourite tipple will look every bit as good as it tastes.

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