The Journey from Sketch to Silver: Our Creative Process



At the heart of London, where history meets innovation, you’ll find the Grant Macdonald London workshop. Each piece that passes through our hands goes on a journey from concept to reality, led by the masterful hands of Mark Broughton and his team. The essence of our philosophy is to blend the advanced technologies of today’s industry with London’s revered silversmithing heritage, delivering pieces that aren’t just suited for today’s tastes, but will be cherished for generations to come.

Every masterpiece that’s whittled into reality in our workshop begins with a simple sketch. This sketch is a culmination of a creative consultation designed to capture the essence of our client’s vision. Our in-house design team meticulously translates this vision into concept artwork, laying the foundations of a masterpiece that will be as unique as it is luxurious. This initial phase is critical, because it ensures that every detail of our client’s commission is considered, allowing for a tailor-made production schedule designed to align with their requirements.

The magic continues in the workshop as our master craftsmen begin to transform the designs into physical objects. Under the watchful eye of Mark Broughton, our craftsmen use a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology to breathe life into each design they’re given. The workshop is a place where the boundaries of modern technology and unparalleled skills honed over a lifetime begin to blur, resulting in pieces that would have once been called impossible. Our commitment to innovation, paired with an unwavering dedication to tradition, allows us to deliver award-winning pieces that are both remarkable and timeless.

Our legacy goes beyond the pieces we build - at the heart of our creative process is the relationships we establish. From bespoke commissions to luxurious retail collections, our dedication to outstanding service ensures that every client’s journey with us is as memorable as the piece we craft for them. This has been an ethos of our workshop since the very beginning, and as a result, we’ve fostered lifelong relationships with our clients, and you’ll find a piece of Grant Macdonald London in many homes, museums - and even palaces - around the world.

Grant Macdonald London’s journey from sketch to silver is underpinned by a commitment to excellence and a deep respect for the craft. We consider our employees to be custodians of a rich heritage, dating back to the 16th century, and it’s this blend of old and new, our meticulous attention to detail, and the passion for creating unparalleled luxury that sets our workshop apart.


The journey from sketch to silver is a careful blend of creativity, craftsmanship, and client collaboration. At Grant Macdonald London, we take immense pride in the way we approach our creative process, ensuring that every piece we create is not just an object of luxury, but a piece of history to be admired and cherished by generations to come. If you have an idea for something special that you’d like to have transformed into silver, we will be delighted to receive your call on: +44 (0)20 7633 0278 or email:

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