The first signs of Spring.

Here at Grant Macdonald we do like a spot of unseasonably warm weather. When the very first signs of spring start to appear, we like to remember that our creations are at home both inside and outside… in fact this year we fully expect them to spend a lot more time outside than usual, considering how we have all been locked down for so long. We predict - as do many of our luxury maker friends in the city of London - that eating out will certainly be the new normal.

Our Paragon champagne flutes are perfect for al fresco celebrations, being as durable as they are decorative. They also help to remind us of the reason why silver and gold have endured so long as materials used for eating and drinking applications - because for those clients who accidentally dent their flutes, we can easily return them to pristine condition, making them a very sustainable drinking vessel. Perfect for that socially distanced celebration with someone special.

For more traditional outdoor entertaining you can’t really beat fine bone china and crystal. Although they cant be repaired like new with a planishing hammer and some judicious welding, compared to other crockery, stoneware, terracotta and plastics, they are among the strongest of their kind. Obviously strength isn’t everything, which is fortunate for us because our crystal and fine bone china is beautiful to look at too. 

There is also something in the design of our pieces which really comes into play in the spring and summer, and that is how they look in natural light. Sunlight adds a shimmer and colours you don’t get from indoor lighting, so the high refractive index of our cut lead crystal adds more colour and sparkle to that glass of pink fizz to celebrate the start of spring.

We have always considered luxury to be expressed through flawless execution but also through years of dependable, loyal service. This is why so many of our pieces are heirlooms for the future, and will hopefully enjoy many more years in the sun, at the races, by the sea, at wedding receptions and garden parties for generations to come - hopefully without spending quite so long inside wishing they were out and about, like so many of us!

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