The Art of Designing for a Sheriff


As the City of London gears up for another significant event in its political calendar, the Lord Mayor’s Election on the 29th September, all eyes are on the candidates and traditions surrounding this historic occasion. In particular, our London workshop is buzzing with excitement thanks to our relationship with the Sheriffs of London. 

The Lord Mayor Election takes place annually in the City of London, and involves various stages including the selection of Sheriffs, who serve as the Lord Mayor’s deputies. The event will culminate in the inauguration of the newly elected Lord Mayor. The Sheriffs play a vital role in the overall governance of the City of London, acting as representatives of the Lord Mayor to assist in various civic duties and ceremonial events throughout the year. Traditionally, they’re elected by liverymen representing the city’s ancient guilds. A respect for the heritage of London and the traditions that surround the historic square mile at the heart of the capital is something that our team can relate to deeply.

One of the relationships we’re most proud of is the one between our craftsmen and the Sheriffs of London. Over the years, we’ve produced countless silverware designs that capture the essence of the Sheriffs’ role and the spirit of London. Each piece has been meticulously crafted, blending traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics, and is a testament to our tried-and-tested process of producing bespoke pieces for our client.

When the time comes to create a badge or chain of office for a Sheriff of London - something we’ve been doing since 1972, when Grant Macdonald made his very first commission for Sir Alan Trail - our craftsmen work closely with the Sheriff to include the small personal details that make these ceremonial artefacts so intimate. Through conversations with the Sheriff, we begin to understand their background and aspirations for the future, translating them into exquisite works of art that are rich in heraldic symbolism.

Our badges and chains of office are designed to reflect the city’s heritage and symbolism, and often incorporate iconic landmarks and intricate motifs representing the city’s historic guilds and trades. Each piece is an enduring symbol of tradition, authority and civic spirit.


Join the team at Grant Macdonald London in celebrating the election of our Lord Mayor of London, and take a look at some of the pieces we’ve created for Sheriffs over the last forty years. If you’re interested in speaking to our team about a bespoke commission, feel free to reach out for a conversation, where our master craftsmen will get an idea of what you’re looking for, and guide you through the process from design to delivery.

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