Supporting Tusk on World Rhino Day 2023

“The black rhino, one of Africa’s most iconic and endangered species, is in a race against time. Conservation efforts are our greatest hope for securing their future and ensuring they continue to roam the wild for generations to come.” — Spokesperson for Tusk


World Rhino Day is celebrated every year on September 22nd to raise awareness about the plight of the world’s rhinoceros populations, and support conservation efforts to keep them safe and thriving. In 2023, the Grant Macdonald London workshop is producing a limited number of Kunene Rhinos from our exquisite collection of miniature and medium-sized sculptures, to support the charity Tusk in their mission to protect endangered rhinos.

We’ve partnered with Tusk to create this beautiful design that not only serves as a remarkable work of art, but also symbolises our collective responsibility to protect the world’s creatures and the habitats they need to survive.

The Kunene Rhinos are a subspecies of the critically endangered black rhino, and are facing numerous threats. The demand for rhino horn, which is falsely believed to possess medicinal properties, poses a serious risk to the population. In addition to poaching, habitat loss is a significant challenge, with human populations encroaching upon the space that rhinos need to thrive. 

Tusk has been actively engaged in addressing these challenges and implementing crucial conservation measures, including robust anti-poaching initiatives to strengthen rhino protection, and safeguarding rhino habitats by supporting land management and conservation programs promoting sustainable land use practices, reforestation and the restoration of degraded areas. Tusk is working hard to create safe havens for rhinos to help them roam freely and find suitable breeding grounds.

Our Kunene Rhinos are crafted with exceptional skill and attention to detail, showcasing the craftsmanship that Grant Macdonald London is renowned for. Each piece reflects the beauty and grandeur of these endangered animals, serving as a reminder of the urgent need to protect them and preserve their habitats. When you purchase one of our Kunene Rhinos, you’ll not only be supporting Great British craftsmanship, but we’ll also donate 20% from the sale to Tusk, to help them continue their vital conservation work.

For a limited time, you can provide a home for an even smaller Tusk sculpture, with our craftsmen outdoing themselves to produce a miniature collection of our incredible Tusk animals. Although our miniature Kunene Rhinos are only 4 cm long and 1cm wide, they’re no less magnificent than their larger counterparts, with finely chased details that bring every creation to life. 


To celebrate World Rhino Day 2023 and contribute to the conservation cause, you can explore our Kunene Rhinos on our website, or take a look at any of the other animals in our Tusk collection. By purchasing one of our stunning sculptures, you’ll be actively participating in the protection of all of these iconic animals.

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