Resolutions That Last


With 2022 well underway, many of us have turned our attention to the future. Mostly, we’re considering the things we can change today to ensure that the year to come is happier and healthier - whether we intend to spend more time with family, help those in need or focus on improving ourselves, the first few weeks of the year are dedicated to forging a better legacy.

We know a thing or two about legacy. Creating items of beauty that can last a lifetime is our goal whenever we sit down to design something new for our collection, and our craftsmen work with future generations in mind - always asking: will the fine British craftsmanship we make today remain constant as tastes change?

You’ll find evidence of this thought process in our accessories for gentlemen, where each set of cufflinks we design isn’t just made to be worn and enjoyed now, but to be passed down to future generations. We take pride in finding the balance between contemporary ideas made with the latest innovations in mind and the classic British style that’s synonymous with being well-dressed.

It’s not just our cufflinks that are designed to last - we’re lighting the way for future generations with our classic silver and 24ct gold plate candlesticks. Created to be the perfect gift to mark a wedding, anniversary or memorable occasion, the design behind these candlesticks intends to find balance between striking modernity and long-lasting classic beauty, to ensure they’re passed down with pride.

Of course, when it comes to heirlooms, there are few that can compete with the finely detailed sculptures found in our masterworks collection. These objects d’art embody the lifetime of skill required to transform precious metals into lifelike creatures that celebrate the rugged beauty of nature. We produce limited runs of each of our masterworks, and the time it takes to create them is evident in their beauty. 


Each of our creations is hallmarked to ensure that future generations will know that the item was made by Grant Macdonald, and the year in which it left our workshop. Discover our full collection and make a commitment to the future by investing in a new heirloom.

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