Reptile Awareness Day

Did you know that October 21st is Reptile Awareness Day? If you did, you’re likely already fascinated by these incredible creatures, and if you didn’t, we’d like to invite you to celebrate with us. Reptile Awareness Day is the perfect occasion to speak about the conservation of cold-blooded but loveable beasts - and at Grant Macdonald London, we have a soft spot for one in particular.

The South African Albany viper is a species of snake which is exclusively found in the Albany region of South Africa - and we do mean exclusively. These vipers are extremely rarely spotted, and their status as an endangered species is due to a number of overlapping reasons. These vipers are facing numerous threats, including habitat loss thanks to the destruction of the very specific environment in which they can thrive, illegal trade due to their gorgeous and distinct look, and unwarranted persecution as a result of their venomous nature. These creatures really are exceptionally beautiful despite their bite, and our designers and master craftsmen wanted to create something equally beautiful to help raise awareness for their plight. 

Our Snake Letter Openers are far from the ordinary. These exquisite works of art have been painstakingly hand-chased to bring a touch of sophistication to your desk or collection. Our master craftsmen have used a combination of traditional and modern silversmithing techniques to bring each Albany Letter Opener to life, in three stunning options.

Each meticulously designed opener pays homage to the captivating beauty of the Albany viper while showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship that can be found in our renowned London workshop. These remarkable creations are not only functional, they also serve as elegant statements of your appreciation for nature, conservation and our scaled friends.

Enter Tusk, an esteemed charity dedicated to wildlife conservation, who we’ve been working with for years. Tusk has been at the forefront of safeguarding the South African Albany viper and other endangered species across Africa. Their tireless efforts focus on protecting wildlife habitats, combating illicit wildlife trade and fostering education and awareness programs. Through their remarkable work, Tusk is making a significant impact on preserving the planet’s most delicate ecosystems. 

Here’s the exciting part: whenever you purchase an Albany Letter Opener from Grant Macdonald London, you’ll be actively contributing to Tusk’s invaluable conservation efforts in Africa. We’re committed to making a difference, so 20% of the sale proceeds from each piece will be donated to Tusk.

This year, to celebrate Reptile Awareness Day, you can support conservation initiatives, directly aid Tusk’s efforts to protect wildlife habitats, combat illegal wildlife trade and drive sustainable development in local communities, simply by channelling your love for reptiles into the allure of our exceptional letter openers. 


Grant Macdonald London’s Albany Letter Openers offer you a chance to express your interest in reptiles whilst contributing to the vital conservation work carried out by Tusk. Explore our full Tusk Collection today to see the full range of beautiful pieces created by our craftsmen in support of Tusk’s conservation initiatives.

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