Punu Rii – A preview of our newest Tusk Arrival

As you will know from our other highly collectable silver animal miniatures, Grant Macdonald is a proud supporter of Tusk, the conservation charity. Tusk supports innovative projects across Africa through donor funding, and their mission is to enable local African community leadership in the conservation of endangered habitats and species. Our work with them raises funds for this incredibly important work, which is why we are so excited to share this preview of the latest addition to the Tusk family.

Allow us to present Punu Rii, the giraffe. He is not just any giraffe, he is a Rothschild’s Giraffe, the most endangered species of giraffe on the planet. All giraffes are classified as vulnerable species, and these iconic giants of the African grasslands are perhaps some of the most fascinating and strangely shaped creatures we have ever sculpted here in the workshop. 

It is for that reason, perhaps, that more than any other of our collection of endangered or threatened species, Punu Rii represents the critical importance of Tusk’s work as much as it shows the incredible skills of our workshop’s master craftsmen.

Named after the city in North-West Uganda at the centre of one of the last Rothschild Giraffe habitats, Punu Rii captures in sterling silver the remarkable colouration and form of these beautiful animals. Unlike the more common Reticulated Giraffe, the Rothschild is distinguished by plain and they have fuzzy edged darker patches, with a deeper variation in colour.  We have captured their unique hide by using a combination of finishing techniques on Punu Rii - applying a high polish to represent the creamy base colour and hand chased texturing to cast light and shadow to create the dark jigsaw of patches. 

Whilst you wait for this release, we also recommend visiting the Tusk website to learn more about their work in Uganda and across Africa - which is now more vital than ever as the Covid-19 pandemic has stopped much of the tourism that was so vital to fund anti-poaching projects and stop habitat loss. Also remember you can help support their work and treat yourself or your loved one with the generous gift of a limited edition Tusk silver model from our collection - visit our Tusk collection here. 

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