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"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals." Melody Beattie


Every winter we take a look at the year ahead and wonder what we can do to make this one different to the one that came before it - how can we make improvements? The decision to live clean often pops up around this time of year, when it’s natural to start looking at ourselves and trying to find ways that we can do things better, in order to tackle problems before they arise. 

But we think such things have value beyond the personal - why not find a new year’s resolution for our business? So, a couple of years ago, the team here at Grant Macdonald London made a resolution to work together with Planet Mark to embrace sustainability. This year, we’ll continue to stick to our plan to make sure that happens.

Planet Mark works passionately with organisations across the world to empower people to improve society and do what they can to minimise the impact of climate change - working in tandem to build a brighter future for the planet. 

The sustainability certification from Planet Mark is a simple way to get a better understanding of our environmental footprint and social contribution, so when we made a resolution to improve our workshop, we invited Planet Mark to check out our processes and the way we work here in our London silversmithing workshop.

We made a pledge to measure and reduce our footprint, and have been working with Planet Mark to do precisely that - making changes where we can to ensure that we generate the absolute minimum of waste that we can manage. Our most recent adjustment has arrived in the form of an electric vehicle, allowing us to send our driver out with deliveries without feeling guilty about having a car on the road all day every day. 

When you see a Planet Mark certified member, you know they are driving continuous positive change through their actions, people and reach - and that’s something we’re very proud to be doing.


To discover more about our pledge to ensure that Grant Macdonald London keeps lowering our carbon emissions, and to learn about the work that Planet Mark are doing to ensure we’re future-proofing our planet, visit their website.

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