Pinot Noir Day


“There’s a magic in Pinot Noir, it’s a lifelong pursuit.” - Richard Sanford, Alma Rosa Winery


As if we needed an excuse, its Pinot Noir Day, today  will see the world’s most popular light-bodied red receive the attention it deserves - and here at Grant Macdonald, we believe that there’s no better way to enjoy a good glass of wine than in a good glass.

When our designers sat down to conjure up the specs for the wine glasses in our Paragon collection, they understood that a good wine glass is all a matter of taste. A dry white wine requires a different shape of drinking vessel than a full-bodied red. 



The way to get the best from your fine reds is to use a glass with a large bowl to allow the many different scents to develop over the surface of the wine, and deep sides to ensure those smells are channelled upwards into your nose as you drink it.

Our Paragon collection was inspired by the definition of the word ‘paragon’, and our wine glasses had to match the energy of the rest of the collection - a perfect example, a model of excellence. So, with the help of a team of skilled British craftspeople based in Somerset, we designed and created two individual wine glasses - each lovingly shaped to deliver the best flavour from their respective grapes.

Blown into our own mould by our friends in Somerset, before being cut and polished by hand, our Paragon crystal is combined with 24% lead oxide to raise the refraction index - which means every glass has a little extra sparkle. We added a touch of frost to the design to give a modern twist to its classical elegance. All that’s missing is a generous pour of a lovely Pinot Noir, and you’ll be able to join us in celebrating the world’s favourite red in style. 


We're going to be indulging in a spicy glass of red today, August 18th, and invite you to do the same with a pair of our Paragon wine glasses, available online now.

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