Peak of Elegance


“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” Saint Francis de Sales


Symbols of peace are everywhere - from olive branches that drove evil spirits away from Ancient Greek households to sacred mistletoe hung in doorways as a sign of friendship and above loved ones waiting to be kissed. This week, you’ll be seeing the red and white poppies that have come to embody remembrance and pacifism, remembering the victims of war.

Our craftsmen are accustomed to creating masterpieces that are heavy with symbolism. The heraldic beasts we recreate for the City of London are steeped in legend, and the majestic Arabian Falcons hand-crafted in our workshop are a symbol of courage and force in Arabic culture. When it came to finding a creature that exemplified peace, our craftsmen drew inspiration from a creature with hooves firmly planted on the ground.




Sheep were among the first domesticated animals, and as a result, they’ve had a surprising influence on human history and culture. As an emblem of tenderness and docility, they represent the ability to accept the guidance of others - but when you introduce a set of majestic horns to the scene, the characteristics change a little. The ram represents strength as much as it represents peace - leaping into new opportunities with bold confidence. 


A perfect blend of classic design principles and cutting-edge techniques, Peace on the High Ground celebrates the rugged beauty that can be found in these humble but magnificent beasts. Our expert silversmiths take sterling silver and finely chase it by hand, leaving tiny ridges and troughs that introduce a subtle warmth to the material, capturing light in a way that seems to bring the creature to life. The work of finely chasing silver is deliberate and slow - and there’s peace to be found in the creation of such fine detail. 




Lock horns with Peace on the High Ground, a limited edition of five, available online.

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