Paragon Red Wine Glasses


Red wines are typically more robust than whites, with a more complex nose or aroma and flavours. The way to get the best from your fine reds is to use a glass with a large bowl to allow the many different scents to develop over the surface of the wine, and deep sides to ensure those smells are channelled upwards into your nose as you drink it. As biologists will tell you, the smell of something works in tandem with your tastebuds. Aromas play a huge part in the way you process the flavour of the wine on your palette, and the right glass is essential for lovers of fine fermentation.



Our red wine glasses, like their matching white wine counterparts and all our lead crystal barware at Grant Macdonald have 24% lead oxide content, ensuring far greater durability and much higher refractive qualities than ordinary glassware. These fine crystal glasses are reassuringly weighed and designed to maximise the flavour of your wine. For a discerning Christmas wine list, or for a well-earned glass of the good stuff when your Christmas hosting duties are complete, there is no finer way to enjoy both the taste and aroma of fine wines.

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