Paragon Barware


What could be more timeless than a beautiful cut crystal? Dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, circa 1400 BC. The answer of course, is something equally as ancient and finely crafted to put in it. Some of the earliest writings captured on stone tablets describe distillation which got us thinking... the glass and the spirit were made for each other, both born out of practical necessity.



The addition of lead oxide into glass was done to lower the working temperature of the liquid glass and increase its viscosity, making it easier to blow into complex shapes. And where the craft of a fine spirit captures the concentrated essence of the ingredients it was made from, the craft of fine lead crystal captures more colours and fire of natural light through its cut surfaces and higher refractive index.Stronger. Longer lasting.Concentrated. It’s unsurprising that both the glass and what goes into it are valued by aficionados.

Surely if there were ever two things made to go together, it was these two wonderful expressions of creativity and practicality. This is why we have an outstanding example of a fine hand blown lead crystal decanter and tumblers, made in the UK in the traditional way, and topped with a master-crafted open worked sterling silver ground glass stopper.



The perfectly balanced aesthetic is cut with a modern take on a classic diamond pattern, designed to put your finest spirits on display, wreathed in light and fire. This is a statement piece of glassware, unmistakably rare like the warming liquid you’ll keep inside it but significantly longer lasting

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