Making 2021 A Year to Celebrate

Here at Grant Macdonald we started the New Year full of hope for a better year than 2020 - like everyone else. And also like everyone else, we are still waiting for 2021 to really get going. As one of London’s last major silversmithing workshops we have lived through many challenging times over the last 50 years, including recessions, the oil crisis, changing tastes in luxury goods, competition from global markets and everything else in between. Although this dreadful pandemic is worse than anything we have seen before, we can say with some experience that resilience and positivity will get us all through it. 


We want to start 2021 by shining a light on the huge challenges facing communities beyond the UK, and the work of our conservation charity partner TUSK over the last year.

TUSK manage vital conservation projects across Africa, supporting both populations of endangered iconic animals and the local communities who play a vital role in combating commercial poaching and the dramatic effects of climate change. Over the last year the impact of Covid-19 has been devastating for tourism in Africa, which is vital in supporting conservation work. Without it, populations of many species are becoming increasingly vulnerable to poachers and habitat loss. TUSK are helping throughout this crisis to ensure endangered wildlife and the communities that live with them continue to receive help and support through the pandemic.

We’re very proud to be a partner of this organisation and to support them in their efforts with our own small contributions through the sale of our miniatures - Luangwa (the lion), Kunene (the rhino) and Gourma and Chyulu (the elephants). Handmade in our London workshops, these exquisite miniatures come in two sizes, but with the same high-quality hand-chased detailing and finishing. Each miniature makes a significant donation to TUSK as well as representing the very highest levels of master craftsmanship, making them a very thoughtful gift for any collector of objet d’art.

NEW FOR 2021 -  We are very excited to announce we will be launching a new silver model of an animal that is endangered and in desperate need of our help to avoid extinction - this piece will become a part of our TUSK collection and be an instant hit for collectors… watch this space. 

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