London Craft Week 2021


“Celebrating outstanding British and international creativity, London Craft Week brings together over 250 established and emerging makers, designers, brands and galleries from around the world. A curated selection based not on price or fame, but underlying substance. Plus, that essential dash of magic and inspiration that separates great from good.”


This week a few members of the Grant Macdonald Team are out and about celebrating outstanding British and international creativity at London Craft Week. For six years, charities, museums and galleries have been providing British craft with a spotlight under which a curated selection of work based on underlying substance is proudly displayed. 

As Guy Salter, the chairman of London Craft Week puts it:

“London has long had a Fashion Week and a Design Festival. Now there is London Craft Week. A magical combination of imagination, individuality, passion and skill found in the best-made of things.”

British craftsmen are famous for producing some of the finest luxury products in the world, raising leather goods, haute couture, jewellery and metalsmithing to a fine art - and London in particular has a legendary reputation. We’re proud to be a part of that history, keeping the UK’s association with outstanding craftsmanship sparkling.

Under the leadership of master craftsman Mark Broughton, each member of the team in our workshop is passionate about their craft - we’ve been providing silver and gold collections and commissions for clients around the world for half a century, and our inspiring designs represent the talent of our craftsmen and the well earned reputation for innovation that dates back to our beginnings.



For an exquisite example of what we mean, take a look at the Paragon Champagne Flutes, our balanced equation of beauty and mathematics, and craftsmanship at its finest. The classic flute shape features a tapered base to minimise the surface area relative to volume - designed to stop your champagne going flat against the wider curves you might find on a wine glass. 



The inside of our flutes are plated with 24ct gold, with the base constructed from an open worked design. Our craftsmen combine mathematical precision and 3D printing technology that wouldn’t have been possible two decades ago. So, this week, let’s raise a glass to Great British Craftsmanship.


Although Grant Macdonald London is not displaying work in the Festival this year, we are always excited to get insight into what other craftsmen are producing, and we wholeheartedly recommend that anybody with an interest in British craftsmanship should get stuck in to one of the many events taking place - there are only a couple of days left, but there’s still time take a look through the programme and head into London to catch the highlights before it’s too late.

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