London Craft Week

“London has long had a Fashion Week and a Design Festival. Now there is London Craft Week. A magical combination of imagination, individuality, passion and skill found in the best-made of things.” Guy Salter, Chairman of London Craft Week


Returning to the big city for the ninth time in 2023, London Craft Week is upon us.  

As a celebration of outstanding creativity from British and international soil, this annual festival will bring together established and emerging makers, designers, brands and galleries, 250 strong, from around the world. The selection of makers is made based not on price or renown - but on reputation and underlying substance, and the inspiration that drives truly beautiful work.

Taking place across the city, at over 200 separate locations including studios, museums, department stores and boutiques, it’s difficult not to stumble upon a London Craft Week event - and we recommend popping in if you have the time - you can book tickets on the Programme page of the London Craft Week website to browse the full list of events that will be held city-wide between the 8th and the 14th May 2023.

It should be no surprise that the team here at Grant Macdonald London are big supporters of LCW - the very best calibre of craftsmanship sits right at the heart of what we do, so a celebration of the imagination, individuality and skill that separates great from good is right up our street. Grant himself has observed that “Very good craftsmen are few and far between”.

Both Grant and George are passionate about the survival of the silversmithing trade and have been sourcing talented tradespeople since the workshop was conceived. Grant has been an advocate of the Goldsmiths’ apprentice scheme for many decades and continues to this day to train young silversmiths in a busy workshop environment. The company still uses the scheme to help produce more quality craftsmen and women, and we believe it’s essential for the silversmithing trade in this country to do so.

“Having reflected on what has gone before and now looking towards the future I can see the business going from strength to strength notwithstanding the ups and downs of this trade. The craft is concerned that there are enough well-trained craftsmen to build silversmithing businesses in the future and we must seek to train people, through apprenticeships, to ensure these precious skills are passed on.”


If you would like to discuss a bespoke commission, reach out to the team in our London workshop by giving us a call on +44 (0) 20 7633 0278 or emailing us at

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