Location, Location, Location


“No goldsmith… shall from henceforth make or cause to be made any manner of vessel, jewel or any other thing of gold or silver except it be of the true alloy […] and that no manner of vessel of silver depart out of the hands of the workers, until further, that it be marked with the leopard’s head.” — Statute of Edward I in 1300


One of Grant Macdonald’s business mantras - there are a few of them that pop up again and again - is ‘Location is everything.’ 

There’s a reason why our workshop is in the centre of London, and why London features so prominently in the name of our business. The craftsmanship behind the art of silversmithing has a robust tradition in Britain, and has for hundreds of years. The very building where hallmarking began is situated in London: the Goldsmiths’ Hall near St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s where every piece of silver that leaves our workshop is hallmarked.

We’re proud to have remained centrally located for so long: “London is synonymous with quality and luxury goods. At one point the south bank of the Thames was not such a desirable location and being south of the river was slightly frowned upon but these days the area is a creative hub and we are very keen to stay,’ says Grant. “Silversmithing belongs in London and as one of the largest London workshops left I hope that we can long continue in our South Bank location.”

That said, whilst Grant Macdonald London is built on a respect for heritage and traditions, we are also fascinated by contemporary techniques and an eye for modern forms. With social media and web sales inextricably linked, the internet is a huge part of the luxury goods trade - and an integral part of the future of the workshop.


Producing London-made silver is something we’re extremely proud of - and our workshop, located on the South Bank, is always working hard to serve palaces, public institutions and collectors of silverware worldwide, with perfectly executed precious metal craftsmanship.

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