International Jazz Day

On Friday 30th April, the world will come together to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting all corners of the globe. International Jazz Day is chaired and led by UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay and the legendary jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock. This annual celebration brings together schools, historians, artists and jazz enthusiasts from all over the globe, to learn about the roots - and the future - of jazz, all the while raising awareness of the urgent need for international cooperation and communication.

We would like to raise a glass to this international artform, and we'll do it with the help of our own particular brand of art. We enjoy jazz with a sidecar, and to make this elegant cocktail, we reach for an elegant cocktail set.


Luckily, we've had the chance to get our shakers in shape, including a past collaboration with Aston Martin. The design work and prototyping for this project took some time, but the best things in life always do, and soon the collection included pieces utilising not only silver and gold, but also bone china, glass, carbon fibre and leather. Technology played a tremendous role in the collection, with rapid prototyping used to recreate the look of carbon fibre in silver and gold for the tumblers, and water jet cutting was used to provide the apex of accurate construction for the counter.

The perfect cocktail demands the perfect glass, and we've fallen in love with our Paragon Bar Set's two superbly weighty hand-cut crystal tumblers, paired with a solid crystal decanter with a sterling silver stopper. Our crystal is hand-blown and cut using traditional techniques, while the stopper combines the latest technology and finest silversmithing craftsmanship. Silversmithing is like jazz; endless variations on a theme.

So this International Jazz Day, why not kick back with Kind of Blue, and mingle with cognac, Cointreau and lemon. Don't worry too much about exact measurements. Life is best when you improvise.

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