International Day of Charity


“Despite facing some of the greatest challenges to international conservation in history, Tusk continues to be a shining light in what are tragically dark times for Africa’s wildlife.” HRH The Prince of Wales KG, KT


It's International Day of Charity - the perfect occasion to reflect on the incredible work of charitable organisations across the world. This year, we’ll be focusing on the Tusk Trust, an exceptional charity dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and empowerment of communities across Africa. The International Day of Charity serves as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. Tusk Trust, with its unwavering dedication to wildlife conservation and community empowerment, is a lovely example of the transformative potential of charitable organisations. 

Tusk Trust: Protecting Wildlife and Empowering Communities

Tusk Trust is committed to protecting African wildlife and supporting sustainable development in local communities. For over three decades, they’ve been at the forefront of conservation efforts, making partnerships with local initiatives to safeguard endangered species, promote environmental education and alleviate poverty.

Their various programs focus on wildlife protection, habitat conservation, community engagement and education - by supporting local organisations and the individuals working on the ground, Tusk aims to create a sustainable future for both wildlife and people.

Supporting Tusk Trust through our Tusk Collection

For several years, our London workshop has been collaborating with Tusk Trust to create a unique and beautiful collection, featuring an exquisite range of silverware, jewellery and gifts inspired by the magnificent creatures Tusk are working so hard to protect.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pieces reflect the beauty of the animal kingdom and the commitment to conservation - and by acquiring a piece from our Tusk Collection, you’ll not only be investing in a stunning piece of craftsmanship, but will also become an active participant in safeguarding Africa’s wildlife. With each purchase from our Tusk Collection, we’ll donate 20% of the sale proceeds directly to Tusk Trust, ensuring that your contribution makes a tangible impact.

Whether it’s a unique pair of cufflinks, a sleek letter opener, or a creature from our sterling silver menagerie, every item in the Tusk Collection raises awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation, sparking conversations to help you inspire others to contribute to this noble cause.


By supporting Tusk Trust through our Tusk Collection, you’re contributing directly to the protection of African wildlife and local communities. This International Day of Charity, explore the collection and help make a lasting difference in the lives of both humans and wildlife.

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