International Beer Day


"Nothing ever tasted better than a cold beer on a beautiful afternoon with nothing to look forward to than more of the same." Hugh Hood

From bars to back-gardens, beer drinkers around the world will be raising a glass to brewers and bartenders this Friday as International Beer Day arrives once more. We might be raising a glass or two ourselves, although our glassware extends a little beyond the traditional tankard.



Thanks to a relationship with skilled glassblowers in Somerset, our workshop is often a rest-stop for the collection of glasses that make up our Paragon crystal. From stemware to cocktail tumblers, every drinking receptacle that leaves our workshop is made with 24% lead oxide, to give it an extra sparkle. 



Our paragon crystal is blown in our own mould before being cut and polished by hand. Because we always like to add a modern twist to a classic aesthetic, we frost the glass to give it that freshly chilled look.

So whether you’re drinking your beer out of a red solo cup or a sterling silver flagon, the most important thing is to look cool while you’re doing it.


To discover our homeware, take a look through our Paragon collection or explore the rest of our online archives to see more of the Great Gritish craftsmanship on offer.

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