The Valentine’s Day Double

Valentine’s Day is coming… and this year, it might be time to break out the extra special gifts for your true love. Why? Well, a night at the opera or a romantic dinner for two in a cosy little bistro are all definitely off the menu because of the lockdown. If you are lucky, you might opt for a romantic home cooked dinner at home at best. So for the star-crossed lovers out there, we have a few gift suggestions to help celebrate this Valentine’s day.

St. Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time for secret admirers to send a mysterious declaration of love and somehow get this to their secret crush without them working out it’s you. In centuries past, this meant lots of sneaking about under balconies or leaving gifts on doorsteps but today we have the postal service and deliveries to make things easier. However, timing is always tricky. You can’t have your red roses and luxury chocolates turn up a day early, or late. And the magic of receiving them is somewhat diminished by the burly delivery man asking your true love to sign for it. So what to do? Something easy to post that doesn’t have a sell-by date? Hmmmm...




For him
Silver cufflinks are the perfect Valentine’s gift for two reasons. Firstly, people keep them, they are designed to have sentimental value and significance, and they last a lifetime like true love. Secondly, they come as a pair which is the same as St. Valentine himself - both of them. Yes, there were two, both Christian martyrs, both executed by Emperor Claudius II in the late 300’s AD. Some accounts say it was the same man and they got the dates wrong and recorded it twice, other scholars argue it was actually three martyrs who were executed in the same year. It’s complicated. 

Fortunately, our cufflinks are simple - striking modern designs with classical flourishes, with a robust single-bar one piece form, hand finished in the ancient workshop traditions of London’s finest luxury silver, by our master craftsmen. They are balanced and seem to float on the cuff, making a powerful statement without shouting “look at me”. For the man in your life, it’s perfect and comes in a usefully compact letterbox-friendly package.



For her
For the woman in your life, perhaps a gesture of kindness as well as generosity is the best way to win her heart.  Perhaps one of our TUSK silver miniatures? These perfectly formed symbols of the wild - capturing strength and beauty in equal measure - also make a useful donation to the conservation work of this remarkable charity. TUSK supports endangered habitats and the species and the communities that rely on them. This is a thoughtful gift that will make a difference to your loved one, and the world as well.

For a slightly different approach, if you give the woman in your life the key to your heart we suggest you also give her a keyring to compliment it. Our keyrings are hand made from silver, in a highly polished finish or electroplated silver with 24 carat rose and yellow gold finishes. The swirling, orb shows openworked mastery of the metal and is a perfect fit for every pocket, bag or jacket alike. It has the reassuring weight of precious metal, a warm tactile shape which is a joy to hold, and displays a symmetry of radial lines that quite literally says “you mean the world to me”. 

However you choose to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, rest assured  we will be here to ensure your delivery and luxury gift choices hit the mark… just like Cupid’s arrow.

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