Great British Craftsmanship


“To be a silversmith I think one must have a certain ‘round the bend’ attitude to design, and to making things.”  Grant Macdonald


Over the last fifty years, Grant Macdonald London has built a global reputation. The commissions that leave our workshop are known to be of outstanding quality, produced with a service to match. Developing a reputation like that takes careful work and dedication over years of producing the highest quality of work.

The master craftsmen we work with are at the forefront of the industry, and you’ll see evidence of their skill in the minute details that can be found in our masterworks. Take a look at the finely chased fur of the animals in our TUSK collection, each strand of hair beautifully rendered by hand in a painstaking process that reflects our commitment to superb quality. When these designs are translated into miniatures, as they were last year, the work of bringing life out of silver becomes even more worthy of note.

Working with silver requires a steady, careful hand - and an open mind. The lifetime of a design here at Grant Macdonald London is a process of creativity, finding balance between classic techniques and modern technology to create works of art that are elegant and impressive. To create bold artistic statements, classical masterpieces and beautiful bespoke commissions, we need a team of the finest craftsmen.

“Making silver for me is not about individuals, it’s about people working together to get pieces made and beautifully made to stand the test of time. Finding the best craftsmen to work with us has been probably one of the biggest challenges in my career. Without these incredible craftsmen and women the business would never have succeeded as it has.”


Discover the very best of british craftsmanship within our online catalogue of silver and gold collections and commissions.

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