Grant Macdonald New Collection: Paragon Crystal

Grant Macdonald New Collection: Paragon Crystal Our beautiful Paragon Crystal Collection is now available to buy on our website and in our Harrods store. “Named after the largest flawless diamond in the world The Paragon collection is a contemporary classic, it looks perfect in a modern or traditional setting. ” The Grant Macdonald Paragon crystal collection is hand blown and cut in Somerset by master craftspeople. Crystal is glass with lead oxide added to give a high refractive index, which makes it sparkle in the light .The moulds used to blow the glass into have been specially made so these elegant shapes are unique to Grant Macdonald. Next the crystal is cut by hand and then polished to make it gleam. Finally the surface glass has been frosted, which gives this classic technique a modern twist. Why buy crystal glasses, and what is crystal glass? Crystal glass is crafted in the same manner as regular glass with added minerals (lead or lead-free) to make the glass stronger. This means it’s possible to produce fine, yet still robust glasses. Originally discovered by Englishman George Ravenscroft in 1674, he found the technique of adding lead oxide improved the appearance of the glass. The lead gives a high refraction which means that the glass sparkles more once additional cuts are applied, it also adds weight which makes the vessels satisfying and luxurious to hold.

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