Gifts for Him: Cufflinks by Grant Macdonald London

There was a time when a pair of cufflinks was a bit boring, wasn’t there? The humble cufflink used to be a rather predictable gift for a man, seldom made to last, and worse, replaced by the ubiquitous pearly plastic button. This is why Grant Macdonald London has injected new life into your cuff with the latest high tech manufacturing technologies, combined with the very highest level of bespoke master craftsmanship. Our new range has pushed the limits of silver design to create a landmark range of precious, stylish, and supremely functional cuffs for the modern man. 

So this Christmas, give a gift that will become an heirloom for future generations, and remind even the most discerning gentleman that a thing of beauty can provide a lifetime of loyal service, too.

Tempest Cufflink
An undeniably modern design, formed with the mathematical precision and complexity of 3D printing, combined with a handmade decorative finish reminiscent of fine engravings found in silverware the length and breadth of Europe. A crisp cuff and a perfectly designed piece of high tech engineering on your wrist, that will last for many lifetimes? The perfect gift for a gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life, but respects functional items that give years of loyal service.

Nautilus Cufflink

 Our Nautilus design is a contemporary as it is classical, and as much a feat of engineering as a faithfully reproduced organic shape. The design is a subtle nod to one of history’s greatest adventure stories, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and the propellers that made Captain Nemo’s Nautilus such a formidable undersea warship. It also reminds us of the spiral interior of a seashell, captured in smooth flowing silver. The perfect gift for a gentleman with a passion for the ocean.

Lazzarus Cufflink

The Lazzarus is aptly named because it brings designs back to life that have long since departed the modern world. A Romanesque square shape from one angle, a perfect Mesopotamian curve from another. Geometrically precise tapers and angles make it sit close on the cuff, combining the essence of high tech with filigree openwork designs from ancient Egypt and Persia. Our Lazzarus cufflinks are gift for the true connoisseur of history and travel, or a gentleman who simply appreciates designs that stand the test of time.

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