Gift ideas for an extra special Valentine

Yes, it’s that time of year again to surprise that special person in your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old married couple with grandchildren, or a teenager in love for the first time (with someone apart from Harry Kane  or Ariana Grande), St. Valentine’s Day is a special time for incurable romantics the world over.

Sometimes though, it’s a special Valentine’s day, perhaps celebrating your first date, the year you get engaged, or a wedding anniversary year. If you’re having a Valentine like that this year, you might want to upgrade the traditional Belgian chocolates and a dozen red roses to a more exclusive gift,  which is where we come in. Here are a few special gift ideas from the Grant Macdonald workshop…

For him or her: Celebration champagne flutes

Nothing at a special occasion is quite as iconic as a glass of champagne, or the long stem fluted glasses we serve it in. Champagne flutes, it is said, are the perfect shape to help the champagne form small bubbles that keep the champagne lively. Our sterling silver champagne flutes are no different. They grow organically upwards from our signature vine bases into tall polished flutes, each one lined with gold, which helps to keep the champagne cool and reflects light in beautiful fiery patterns. They are the perfect gift to mark a wedding anniversary year, a special birthday, or just to celebrate that special person in your life.

Available now at £1345 per pair, we also provide engraving and personalisation services, contact us to discuss.

For him, a pair of conversation starting cufflinks

Made by master craftsmen in the finest traditions of London’s silversmithing heritage, these exclusive cufflinks also represent the cutting edge of new technology. These organic shapes, perfectly symmetrical and precision engineered were cast using the latest 3D design techniques to produce the original master. Each casting is then painstakingly hand finished in our workshop, chasing fine surface details and polishing the silver to the very highest standards in modern jewellery making.  The end result is finely balanced, intelligently designed to fit all sizes of cuff, and beautifully finished. If the man in your life wears cufflinks, he will love wearing these.

Available in a range of styles from £195, browse our collection here…

For her, a memory that will last a lifetime

Sometimes, a picture captures a special moment that expresses more than words can ever say. We all have them, in our wallets, on our desks, on our walls and by our beds. That special moment deserves a special frame to keep it safe and perfectly preserved, and our classic range of silver frameware does just that. Each frame we produce is perfected by hand in our workshop, and polished to a mirror-like sheen only possible in the hands of a master polisher with decades of experience, like our very own Clive Summerfield. A robust, stand and backing made of the finest quality material completes our silver frames which feel as good as they look, and make a suitably special home for your special memories.

View our frameware range from £195 here


For him, for her, and for the planet

Sometimes it’s possible to give someone a special gift that is also making a positive change in the world. Our miniature silver animals, sculpted by our master craftsmen, are perfect replicas of some of the planet’s most iconic – and threatened – species. Chyulu the African elephant, the critically endangered black rhino Kunene, and the Luangwa the  lion. However, beyond the exquisite hand-chased finish and fine detailing of these realistic miniatures, each piece makes a donation of £25 to our partner charity Tusk, who fund conservation programmes  and combat poaching in native habitats. It’s a gift that shows you care for your valentine, and a gift that helps care for the planet too.
£125 including a £25  donation to TUSK, learn more about their work here

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