Father's Day: For the next generation


“I firmly believe that people buy from people, and that is what is so essential for the continuation of our business. George has been working with me for over 15 years and travels with me to various Arab countries and because he is family, they trust him and will trust him with their business in the future.” Grant Macdonald 


With Father’s Day on the horizon, you may be looking for something special to show your dad what he means to you. As a second-generation business, Grant Macdonald London has always been built around family, especially since George has taken on a more substantial role, continuing the business at Grant’s side. It’s fitting for an industry built on traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The way our workshop operates captures the relationship between father and child very neatly - the traditional techniques are passed down, where modern technologies can make things more efficient, or create new and exciting solutions.

You’ll find this perfectly balanced combination of the traditional and the contemporary within our collection of gentlemen’s accessories, designed for a chap who understands that tastes change, but demand for style is a constant. No respectable wardrobe is complete without a pair of handsome cufflinks, and our range finds the middle ground between classic British style and exciting modern themes, always captured in the finest materials.

For a beautiful example of what can be achieved when cutting edge technology is combined with expert craftsmanship, look no further than our Tempest Cufflinks, a floral geometric design which would have been impossible to create just a few short decades ago. Thanks to the equipment available in our London workshop, your father’s cuffs will look effortlessly stylish with this understated but brilliant design.

Understated isn’t for everybody - and if your father prefers to wear his personality on his sleeves, you might make his day with our TUSK collection of cufflinks, each capturing a different animal facing extinction. Our Kunene Rhino Cufflinks, for example, were named after the Kunene area in Namibia, home to a long running black rhino project. TUSK is helping the Save the Rhino Trust with their anti-poaching work to keep these precious animals safe, and you can contribute to the effort when you buy a set of our TUSK cufflinks as a 2023 father’s day gift. We’ll donate 20% from the sale of each piece to TUSK to support their conservation work.



It’s not too late to give your father a piece of history, thanks to our unique Platinum Jubilee Hallmarked Cufflinks, celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II, with the commemorative mark that was designed to mark the occasion, depicting an orb which reflects the traditional fineness for platinum. Our craftsmen transform sterling silver into elegant cufflinks, presented in a beautiful wooden gift box which is perfect for a Father’s Day gift.

Our cufflinks are designed to be worn now, but to last for generations to come, becoming an heirloom to be passed down from father to child, and onwards long into the future.


Discover our full collection of cufflinks and we’re sure you’ll find a design that’s a perfect fit for the wrists of the most important man in  your life.

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