Easter Sunday Tableware


“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” S.D. Gordon


If you’re gathering with your family this year to celebrate Easter, you may be looking for ways to make the celebration extra special. Luckily, our London workshop has been busy producing beautiful silverware that will look perfectly charming alongside a nice cut of lamb and a little dish of mint sauce.

There’s a knack to knowing which wine to serve with your Easter lunch. If you’ll be eating lamb, as is traditional, the way it has been cooked (and the cut) will inform which wine should be paired with the meal.  

Lamb cooked rare to medium-rare is best with white, but if you prefer your roast lamb to be medium or well-done, you might want to opt for a red with a complex flavour profile. Seasoning plays a part, too - hunt for a wine that pairs with the herbs and spices you’ve used to cook your lamb.

If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with a Pinot Noir and Bordeaux red blend - the salty flavour and hint of sweetness will balance the naturally rich flavour that comes through with a roast lamb dinner. And what better way to enjoy a glass than from one of our Paragon Red Wine glasses, specifically shaped by skilled Somerset craftspeople to bring out the full flavour of your wine. With a touch of frost to give a modern twist to the classic design of our Paragon crystal, it’s the perfect pairing for the wine you’ve chosen to pair perfectly with your lunch.

If you’re favouring a lean cut of lamb, you might find it goes better with a white or light red wine, and if you’re seasoning with basil and dill, keep a lookout for bottles with hints of grass, as they’ll pair beautifully. On the subject of pairing beautifully, our Paragon White Wine glasses were designed to sit alongside their Red cousins, hand blown into our own mould before being cut and engraved by our team of glass-makers in Somerset. 

Although the days are getting longer now spring has officially sprung, you may enjoy yourself so much that you linger at the dining table for longer than you expected - especially if the wine is flowing. A pair of our silver Paragon candlesticks will keep the room elegantly lit, and double as a striking centrepiece for your table, rendered in classic silver and 24ct gold plate. 


Celebrate Easter this year with tableware from our Paragon collection, designed to represent the very highest calibre of stemware and table adornments. Visit our Homeware section to see the full collection.

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