Drink Wine Day


“I like on the table, when we’re speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine.”  Pablo Neruda

There are a lot of reasons to drink wine - and whether you’re topping up your glass because of the health benefits or because you’ve had a long day, Drink Wine Day provides an opportunity to end your week with a glass of your favourite vintage.



On Friday, people across the country will be raising a glass to the drink that’s been produced for thousands of years, finding a place in our religions, celebrations and refrigerators. In recent years, research has shown that wine can protect our hearts and improve the health of our lungs - perhaps even reduce the development of wrinkles, thanks to the antioxidants - but science aside, a glass of wine ism the perfect way to balance your dinner table and break the ice when you’re out and about. 

Wine is an important drink, and when our craftsmen sat down to design the perfect vessel to hold it, they prioritised presentation and experience. With a set designed specifically for red and one for white, our Paragon stemware has been hand blown by skilled craftspeople in Somerset, before being engraved. Our crystal is glass with 24% lead oxide added to raise the refractive index and give each glass a little more sparkle. 



We pride ourselves on walking the line between classic and modern aesthetics, and our Paragon Wine Glasses are exemplary - each glass is blown into our own mould and then cut and polished by hand before being frosted, to lend a modern twist and ensure they’re a pleasure to fill - and then empty.


We’ll be indulging in a glass of wine next Friday, and invite you to do the same with a pair of our Paragon wine glasses.

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