Cufflinks for TUSK


"Despite facing some of the greatest challenges to international conservation in history, Tusk continues to be a shining light in what are tragically dark times for Africa’s wildlife." — HRH The Prince of Wales, KG, KT

The team here at Grant Macdonald London are extremely proud to be working with the charity TUSK, an organisation pioneering conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa. With over thirty years of initiating and funding across 20 countries, increasing vital protection for over 70 million hectares of land and more than 40 different threatened species, their reputation for providing efficient solutions for wildlife conservation programmes is well-earned.

Grant Macdonald London has been working with TUSK to raise funds that will go towards preserving critical habitats, protecting endangered species, combating illegal wildlife trade and empowering local communities. In return, TUSK has inspired some of the most beautiful pieces that have left our London workshop, including our collection of cufflinks inspired by the endangered species that TUSK are working to protect. Get to know our menagerie below, and consider adopting a pair to sit at your wrists.

Kunene Rhino cufflinks for TUSK

The critical black rhino population which has been steadily recovering since the 1980s, is now facing a renewed threat from poaching, but TUSK initiatives are working hard to create secure areas for these amazing animals to live.  Our rhino cufflinks are named for the Kunene area in Namibia, home to a long running black rhino project. Tusk helps the Save the Rhino Trust with their anti-poaching work to keep these precious animals safe.

Luangwa Lion cufflinks for TUSK

Lions across the world are under threat from poaching, and we have named this pair of cufflinks after South Luangwa in Zambia which faces widespread poaching of big game. Funding from TUSK helps Conservation South Luangwa to increase its anti-poaching and animal trafficking prevention, but support is needed to continue this vital work and to protect this wildlife rich wilderness.

Gourma Elephant cufflinks for TUSK

We have named these elephant cufflinks Gourma after an area in Mali where a unique population of 550 sub-desert elephants live. In 2017 it was estimated that if poaching was not reduced the entire population would be wiped out by 2021.  TUSK supports the Mali Elephant Project which brings the community together and has trained and mobilised an anti-poaching unit to protect the migration route of these animals.  This work must continue in order to keep this fragile elephant population safe.


To discover more about the vital conservation work that TUSK conducts, you can visit their website - and make sure to discover our full collection of TUSK animals, made from solid sterling silver with finely chased details. 20% from the sale of each piece will be donated to TUSK.

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