Cufflinks at Christmas - Part 1: Air and Sea


As Christmas approaches everyone gets a little busier than usual. Of course, this year we might all find ourselves even busier still on account of the many restrictions or delays that have been caused by the pandemic. There is a chance you are searching for gifts and are struggling to find that blend of exclusivity, design and delivery options to suit your needs. Silver cufflinks make for an excellent all-purpose gift for the men in your life, and increasingly, the women too. 

Over the years there have been many different cufflink designs using hinges or chains. However, the most durable remains a solid bar to link the cuffs, designed and weighted to ensure the cuff sits correctly on the wrist, and doesn’t twist or catch on anything. Our silver cufflinks have blended this highly practical design with a modern twist, using 3D design techniques to create shapes that would be all but impossible to produce by hand alone.  

Radial & Vortex Cufflinks:

These cufflinks represent something of a design first for us. They draw their design inspiration from propellers and jet engines, combining highly polished edges and finely textured curved vanes that catch the light - and they make a perfect pairing. The Radial design blends a highly sculptural form with perfect balance designed to keep the decorative arched head against the cuff, the Vortex takes that design and spins it into life, creating the illusion of motion. We suggest them as a perfect day-night combo for the gentleman who likes classic, reserved designs with a little twist of style.



Nautilus Cufflinks:

Continuing the theme of organic, swirling shapes, we introduced another design to the Radial collection, the Nautilus. Named after the ancient and mysterious deep-sea creature - nautilus takes the aeronautical designs of the Radial and Vortex and rounds them off in flowing curves reminiscent of the inside of a shell and the wake of a propeller screw. The perfect present for a lover of yachts and sailing, or perhaps, to complement their Radial or Vortex cufflinks…


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