Christmas Gifting Gold & Silver

If the festive season has crept up on you, and you’re on the hunt for gifts that are exquisite even though they’re last-minute, look no further than our workshop. With an impressive legacy of craftsmanship and a treasure trove of small, beautiful items in our archive, your Christmas gift shopping is about to get a lot more silver. Explore some of our best-selling gifts, guaranteed to make a wonderful impression on anybody lucky enough to find one underneath the tree this year.



Quintessential Accessories

There’s something so sophisticated about a pair of cufflinks. Not only do these masculine accessories serve a functional purpose, but they also offer an understated glimpse into an individual’s personal style, allowing the men in your life to add a touch of elegance to their attire for weddings, business meetings and special occasions throughout the year to come. Grant Macdonald London’s range of cufflinks have been designed to marry traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Whether you’re looking for intricate patterns or classical, minimalist designs, adding a pair of Grant Macdonald London cufflinks to an outfit speaks volumes about the wearer’s timeless elegance. The perfect gift for the discerning gentleman in your life - whether you’re buying for your father, partner or a close friend. 

If you’re buying a gift for an animal lover, our Cufflinks for Tusk feature finely detailed animal designs in solid sterling silver. Whether your loved one is as wise as an elephant, as bold as a lion or as resilient as a rhino, you’ll find a design in our collection that suits them perfectly. The Tusk cufflinks are not only elegant accessories, but also contribute to a noble cause, with 20% of each sale donated to TUsk’s conservation efforts across Africa.

Our Paragon collection of cufflinks includes a variety of simple yet modern designs, from the sculptural form of the Nautilus Cufflinks, to the Tempest and Vortex Cufflinks, with their geometric flower and dynamic twisting designs, for those who favour contemporary styles. If you’re buying for someone who prefers a more understated elegance, the Lazzarus Cufflinks offer a modern twist to a classic design, while the Argyll and Radial Cufflinks add an intriguing visual element to any outfit. All of our cufflinks epitomise functional perfection, available in sterling silver or a luxurious 24ct gold plate, they are not just accessories - they are a statement of style. 



Conservation Craftsmanship

For those with a heart for the natural world and an eye for detail, the TUSK miniatures may be small, but each animal figure, exquisitely crafted in sterling silver, is a masterpiece. These tiny replicas of the original menagerie produced in collaboration with TUSK aren’t simply beautiful centrepieces; they’re a gift that gives back, with 20% of the proceeds from each piece donated to TUSK to support their vitally important conservation work.

The Inspiration Behind Our Miniature Tusk Collection:

Global rhino populations are facing significant risks due to illegal poaching. Tusk's efforts are focused on establishing protected zones where these remarkable creatures can thrive. Our rhino is named in honour of the Kunene region in Namibia, known for its longstanding black rhino conservation program. This vital black rhino group, which has seen a recovery since the 1980s, is currently confronting an increased danger from poaching activities. Tusk supports the Save the Rhino Trust in their anti-poaching initiatives, aiming to safeguard these invaluable animals.

Elephants globally are endangered due to illegal ivory hunting. Our elephant is named after Kenya's Chyulu Hills, home to East Africa's largest elephant population, which is continuously at risk from ivory poaching. Tusk collaborates with the Big Life Foundation to implement surveillance and anti-poaching measures, resulting in a significant reduction in poaching since 2010. However, additional support is essential for this vital project to extend its protection across the extensive area it covers.

Elephants worldwide face critical risks from illegal hunting. This elephant has been named Gourma, after a region in Mali, which is home to a distinctive group of 550 sub-desert elephants. In 2017, estimates indicated that without a reduction in poaching, this entire group could be extinct by 2021. Tusk is supporting the Mali Elephant Project, an initiative that unites the community and has established a trained anti-poaching unit to safeguard the migration paths of these elephants. The continuation of this project is vital for the protection and survival of this vulnerable elephant population.

Lion populations globally are endangered due to poaching. Our lion is named in honour of South Luangwa, Zambia, a region confronting extensive poaching of large wildlife. Tusk's funding aids Conservation South Luangwa in enhancing their efforts against poaching and wildlife trafficking. Continued support is essential to maintain this critical work and to preserve the wildlife-rich environment of South Luangwa.


Don’t leave it to the last minute to find the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. Our London workshop produces the finest silver, combining traditional silversmithing techniques with modern technology to bring you designs you won’t find elsewhere. Explore our online catalogue for gift ideas.

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