Christmas Feasting with Timeless Elegance

As the season of goodwill comes around again, many of us are planning festivities, but have you ever wondered what kind of host you are? Are you meticulously organised months in advance, or do you savour the excitement of the  last minute rush? Do you have precise quantities in mind to ensure nothing is wasted, or do you lavish your guests with plenty in the hope of savouring a turkey risotto and sprout stir-fry when the big day has passed?

Whatever your preference, your style (or perhaps the style of your hosts if you aren’t home for the holidays) at Grant Macdonald London we know the value of fine tableware and dining in style. Timeless designs, peerless quality, and the robustness to withstand the rigours of family life are something everyone appreciates regardless of their traditions. 

Paragon Red & White Wine Glasses

No feast is complete without wine, flowing as easily as the  conversation and laughter. Our specially designed Paragon crystal – for both red and white wine – is designed to bring out the aromas of your wine, blown, cut and polished by hand  in Somerset.

Paragon and Strata Tableware

Durable, elegant with lavish golden and platinum patterning, our Grant Macdonald fine bone china is made in Stoke-on-Trent, the historic home of British pottery. The 24ct gold or platinum finishing touches are applied by hand, creating the perfect setting for your festive dining table.

Paragon Bar Set & Tumblers

Of course, a fine Christmas feast often ends late, by the fire, enjoying a fine spirit that has spent years aging to perfection. It seems only right to honour the master distiller’s craft with our master craftsmen’s hand blown, hand cut and hand finished crystal decanter and tumblers.

Paragon Cutlery

Grant Macdonald London cutlery combines beauty with efficiency, delicately balancing the aesthetic impact of each piece with thoughtful ergonomics. These fine openworked designs in sterling silver – or the luxurious warmth of 24ct gold – add an impressive touch of luxury to every feasting table.

Paragon champagne flutes
These beautiful silver flutes with gold-plated interiors are for very special occasions, designed to keep your champagne sparkling. A wonderful gift for your loved ones to mark an anniversary, and perfect to toast the magic and  promise of the New Year.

The gift of fine table and barware is always welcome… and if you treat yourself, well, it is Christmas, after all. It will also last many lifetimes, so it’s a gift for generations to come too.

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