Christmas Cufflinks


As the festive season is in full swing, it’s always a good idea to think about last minute gift ideas and items that are easy to send by courier or post - especially in these uncertain times. The humble cufflink is always a good choice, ticking those practical Christmas delivery boxes and also adding a little magic to your everyday office attire. 


Cufflinks, it’s interesting to note are something of a sartorial newcomer. They rose to prominence in the late 1800s. With the industrial revolution in full swing, there was a rise of educated working men and women, engineers, businessmen, bankers and industrialists, who liked a stiff, starched collar and cuffs, which were often too stiff to close with a button. And so the cufflink, a strong metal fastening, was born out of necessity. 


Our collection has taken classic designs and cast them in the traditional way,  then hand finished them in our workshop using the same skills and tools that would have produced fine silver cufflinks back in the 1800s. However, for the aficionado we have also added a little extra computer aided design to take these classics to a level of complexity that couldn’t be made by hand alone. The results are modern shapes with classical flourishes, fine hand-chased surfaces and exquisite engraved details finished in sterling silver by master craftsmen in our London workshops - perfect for Christmas gifting.


Tempest Cufflinks

The Tempest cufflink represents a complex organic form, reminiscent of thistles and pine cones, a perfect match with a dinner jacket at your Christmas drinks party. A shape of this geometric complexity would have been impossible to make by hand a decade ago, however, with our computer aided design and master craft skills, we have realised the Tempest in a combination of polished and textured surfacing that captures light and creates a sense of depth.



Argyll Cufflinks

The sheer mathematical complexity of these cufflinks is remarkable, they draw the eye and hold your attention as much when you put them on as when they are on the wrist. The whole structure is one perfect piece of silver, completely hollow from the far edge of the larger sphere through the hollow bar connector to the end of the smaller sphere. Once on the cuff they are a pair of striking open-worked spheres, reminiscent of fine handmade glass Christmas tree baubles, designed to ensure the colours of your favourite festive shirt show through the highly polished finish.



Lazzarus Cufflinks

In the Lazzarus we have perfected a classic floral design, evoking the curling lines of art deco glassware, fabrics and metalwork that inspired iconic sporting trophies, furniture, arts and landmarks around the 19th Century world. It is perhaps our most festive design motif, with the curling lines of a holly wreath and the conical swirl of a Christmas Tree. These organic forms merge in fine openworked silver to ensure the colour of the cuff shows through, creating a robust design that seems to float effortlessly on the cuff.


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