Celebrating London Craft Week with ‘The Call of the Wild.’

There’s something uniquely evocative about the words 'The Call of the Wild' that conjures images of the Alaskan frontier, of the Yukon Gold Rush and adventures in the dangerous frozen wilderness of North America. With lumberjacks, endless pine forests, gold prospectors and of course that most iconic native creature, the mighty grizzly bear. So when we created our own masterwork of such an epic creature and its natural setting, we knew what we had to call it.



To pay homage to this magnificent beast and its breath-taking home, our craftsmen spent many hours ensuring the details are perfect. Our bear has the characteristic grizzly throat fur, hand chased to curl and flow down from those mighty jaws. The jaws, open to catch a leaping salmon or perhaps to roar its claim to the rock, are set with extremely fine teeth that match perfectly to the real thing - except in miniature. The body of the bear, is chased to mimic wet fur, finished in deeply oxidised silver that adds depth of colour.



The bear stands on a finely detailed silver rock, hand raised in our workshops to feature the natural curves and faces of a real boulder, then set into a mirror polished round silver base to create the feel of water, lit with reflections and sparks of light, flowing around the matt-finished texture of the rock. The end result is a piece that seems to stand taller than it is, with a depth and movement about it that comes from placing three different textures and finishes together.



It's believed that it took the legendary American novelist Jack London around 1000 hours to write his debut novella The Call of the Wild. He was a master craftsman. It takes our master craftsman around 135 hours to finish our mighty sterling silver bear. 

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