Burns Night


“Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat Sae let the Lord be thankit.” - Robert Burns

With Burns Night just around the corner, we’re looking forward to celebrating one of the most famous literary figures with the traditional gathering that takes place across the world in honour of Scotland’s favourite poet, Robert Burns.

A Burns Supper is the ideal antidote to cold, dark January evenings, filling the night with poetry recitals, drink, and haggis. The first Burns club was founded in 1801 by a group of Ayrshire-born merchants who had personally known Burns. They made the decision to honour him on the anniversary of his birthday, with the first Burns Supper taking place on the 25th of January, 1802. Over 200 years later, the celebrations continue, formal and informal. The only ingredients you really need to host a Burns Supper are good company, delicious Scottish food and drink, and a couple of fitting tributes to the bard - but if you really want to make the night special, we have a few suggestions.



Before you raise a glass to Burns, make sure it contains Scotch. Whisky-making began in Scotland when winemaking methods spread from monasteries in Europe. Without grapes, monks used grain mash instead, and the name derives from Gaelic, uisge beatha, meaning ‘water of life.’ The entire process is an artform, with each step having a subtle impact on the finished product - so we think it’s appropriate to serve your favourite whisky in a glass that’s also a work of art. Our Paragon crystal tumblers are cut and polished by hand, before being frosted to give a modern twist to a classic look.



With regards to what to wear for a Burns Supper, a kilt is decidedly in, and tweed is also de rigueur, but for a subtle touch of elegance, we recommend a pair of Argyll Cufflinks - named for the historic county of western Scotland. With a complex open form and mesmeric design, having a pair of these sitting at your wrists is a sure way to make an impression if your surname didn’t come with a tartan attached.


Make your Burns Night special with some of the most beautiful pieces in our collection.

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