Albany Snake Letter Opener


“For many people, even the notion that a snake species could be critically endangered is a very strange and foreign one.” - EWT Field Officer Michael Adams and RT Conservation Officer James Lewis


You may have never seen an Albany Adder before - very few people have. They’re one of the world’s rarest snakes - and they’re only found in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. They were first discovered in the 90s, and since then, only seventeen have ever been officially documented. In fact, they’re so rare that it wasn’t clear that they still existed at all until the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Rainforest Trust tracked them down - a month before they were declared officially extinct.

At Grant Macdonald, we have a soft spot for endangered animals, and the Albany Adder is no exception - there’s often a focus on more charismatic species when it comes to the protection of endangered animals, but the scaly creatures can be just as magnificent as the fluffy ones. That’s why our craftsmen have been working on something particularly special, in the hopes of drawing attention to the plight of this dwarf adder that’s hovering at the edge of extinction.

We’re finally ready to showcase the craftsmanship that’s gone into the development of our latest masterpiece - an elegant family of letter openers adorned with miniature renderings of this dainty but deadly reptile.



Using state of the art technology, our workshop has created this stylish accessory with the help of traditional craftsmanship techniques that pick out the incredible detail in these hand-chased creations. Hallmarked by the London Assay Office, who have been testing the purity of meals since 1327, there are three styles available to those who fall in love with these beautiful South African vipers. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver with 24ct Gold Plate

Sterling Silver with Black Patination

The unique ecosystem that supports the Albany Adders has been reduced by 90%, and remains under threat from development. Proceeds from the sales of these letter openers will be donated to TUSK, our favourite conservation charity, to ensure the highly endangered Coega Bonteveld vegetation (in which Albany Adders live) is protected. 


Discover our collection inspired endangered species, and help support the ongoing efforts of this incredible charity, with 20% from the sale of each piece going to Tusk to support their vitally important conservation work.

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